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The World’s Largest Collection of Big and Tall Nickel Free Genuine Leather Belts!

The World’s Largest Collection of Big and Tall Nickel Free Genuine Leather Belts!

For our customers seeking nickel free belts in big and tall sizes, we now offer even more genuine leather belts to fit their sizing needs! Many of our genuine leather, handmade in the USA belts are currently available in custom-made big and tall sizes, up to 62 inches in some styles.

The Elk Knob Belt, the Chestnut Knob Belt, and the Black Balsam Belt are nickel free dress belts in varying colors that are currently available up to a size 62.   More casual choices include the Ridgeline Trail Distressed Leather Nickel Free Belt made of the hugely popular distressed leather and a trendy double pin roller buckle; this belt is currently sized up to size 56.

Known for their incredible comfort, the full grain leather belts known as Roan Mountain Nickel Free Belt and Smoky Mountain Nickel Free Belt are now available in big and tall sizes! These belts continue to grow in popularity for many reasons. These belts have a casual, relaxed look and feel, with some customers likening them to flexible feel of old favorites from the first day they are worn. These belts are paired with the handsome Gunmetal Gray Casual Nickel Free Buckle whose rounded edges maximize easy wear; this buckle is guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel.

Several Signature Series Belts are also available in big and tall sizes, including the super-durable work belts! Both the Titanium Work Belt in Black and the Titanium Work Belt in Brown are available in sizes 46" and up. 

The goal of Athena Allergy, Inc. has long been to provide variety in the high quality products offered for those who are allergic to nickel. Anyone requiring big and tall sizes can now choose from many of the genuine leather nickel free belt styles that have been made in the USA.