Removable Buckle and Trim-to-Fit Belt Instructions


Trim-To-Fit Instructions:
To size your trim-to-fit belt, simply unclamp the buckle by lifting the tab (or lever) on the back side of the buckle. This will release the belt strap, allowing you to remove it from the clamp pin buckle, as shown below.

To determine your belt size, measure your waist through your belt loops using a tape measure. The resulting number of inches or centimeters is your belt size. From the middle hole of your new belt, measure out the number of inches of your belt size. This is the point where you will cut the belt. If your belt size is 34 inches, there should be this length between the middle hole and the end of the belt where you will make your cut. Mark the spot where you will cut. As they say, measure twice then cut once!

Instruction on how to size and trim a belt.
Use sharp scissors and cut through the belt strap at the marked spot.

Slide the clamp pin buckle onto the cut strap and press the tab firmly into the strap. Once the buckle is clamped into place, your belt is ready to wear!

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