Nickel Allergy Treatment

The best treatment if you have nickel allergy is to AVOID nickel.

  • For immediate relief, your doctor may recommend a steroid cream or other topical treatments to help reduce inflammation and redness.  
  • Nickel allergy rashes usually clear within a couple of weeks once contact with nickel is stopped.  
  • It is important to identify the source of nickel and avoid it.

How to avoid nickel:

Testing a belt for for nickel using Nickel Alert.
  • The key to avoiding nickel is to identify it BEFORE your skin does.
  • All metal items suspected of containing nickel may be tested with a dimethylglyoxime test called Nickel Alert® 
  •  Nickel Alert quickly, safely, and easily tests jewelry and other metal items for the presence of nickel.
  • Test your metal items frequently.  Some metal items may be coated with a nickel free metal but have a nickel base layer.  Once the coating has worn through, nickel may be detected.  Even items that are labeled "nickel free" and
    Nickel Guard being applied to inside of jean buttons to avoid nickel contact.
    "hypoallergenic" by other companies may have nickel in the base metal.  

          • To protect your skin from nickel contact, apply Nickel Guard® as a barrier between items containing nickel and your skin.
        • Items to consider:
          • eye glasses
          • jean buttons
          • earrings
          • watches

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