Carbon Fiber Buckles

Carbon fibers buckles are the perfect choice for lawyers, frequent fliers and other job that require going thru a metal detector.  They are metal free so no need to remove your belt when going thru a metal detector.  The buckles are also nickel free, lightweight and great looking!  Prefer a full a belt, yes we make them - Carbon Fiber Leather Belts


Product type
Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle 4.0 by Nickel Smart. Uniquely styled flat carbon buckle with single prong.
Save $ 1999
Black Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle. Square buckle with rounded corners, single pin; metal-free.
Carbon Fiber Hook Buckle, weave style, nickel free, hypoallergenic, black carbon fiber
Carbon Fiber Square Wide Pin Buckle (1.38") by Nickel Smart®