Nickel Allergy Rash on your Neck

Is the rash around my neck caused by nickel allergy?

  • As with any allergic reaction, the most important step in relieving a neck rash is to consult with an allergist or dermatologist.  
  • If the rash around your neck appears within 12 to 48 hours after contact with a metallic item and is characterized by an itchy red rash, raised bumps on the skin, dry skin patches resembling a burn, or even weeping blisters or fissures in the skin, nickel allergy should be investigated.
  • If nickel allergy is suspected for an existing neck rash, take into consideration any items worn around the neck with a focus on those containing any amount of metal.  If a metallic item, even a very small one, has contacted the skin within the past two to three days, that item should be tested for nickel.
  • Nickel Alert®a pre-mixed and pre-measured dmg spot test, is an extremely accurate test for nickel, that is also quite easy to use.
  • A positive nickel test would be an indication that the rash may be caused by nickel allergy.  

My favorite necklace has nickel and I'm allergic - what do I do now?

  • Many small items without movable parts may be safely coated with Nickel Guard® to provide an effective barrier between metal and the skin.  
  • Nickel Guard is a lacquer developed specifically for people with sensitive skin. It does  not contain toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate - chemicals often found in ordinary nail polish.  These chemicals may cause secondary dermatitis (another skin rash) further exacerbating the problem. Nickel Guard is also formulated to provide a strong bond with metal unlike nail polish that easily bends and chips.
  • Nickel Guard is not recommended for chain necklaces, clasps, or any movable metal pieces.  Necklace links should be considered movable parts which could be affected by the coating of lacquer on their surface.  

How can I tell if an item contains nickel?

  • Testing for nickel content is key.  Nickel Alert provides a safe, accurate, and almost immediate test result.  
  • If you are purchasing a new item, consider buying from trusted sources such as Athena Allergy.  Our company batch tests each product line to assure there is no nickel to create an allergic reaction.

Can you trust the claim that a necklace is nickel free or hypoallergenic?

  • This is an excellent question!  Since there are no laws in the US governing nickel content as there are in some other parts of the world, these words have little meaning unless they are backed by a testing and certification process.  
  • Many manufacturers claim their products to be nickel free or hypoallergenic when in fact only the plating of the product is nickel free and the base metal contains nickel.  With time, the plating will wear through and the nickel will contact the skin.  
  • Athena Allergy tests all product lines, including testing the base metal to assure that no nickel will ever come in contact with your skin!  
  • Our guarantee to you is that if you have a nickel allergy reaction from one of our products, you will either get a new nickel free replacement or your money back!
  • We test our products so your skin does not have to!


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