Nickel Solution® Products

Nickel allergy? Start by testing metal items that touch your skin using Nickel Alert, then protect yourself from contact by using Nickel Guard - both are available in Nickel Solution is the ultimate nickel allergy starter kit.  Then consider replacing those rivets and buttons that are causing a nickel rash. Our Button & Rivet pack is nickel free!


Product type
Nickel Solution® | Nickel Alert -Test for Nickel | Nickel Guard - Protect from Nickel
Nickel Guard 2-Pack | 2 bottles | A clear protective coating to avoid nickel contact.
2 bottles of Nickel Alert |  Easy test to detect nickel in any metal.
Nickel Alert- nickel test. Detect nickel in metal within 30 seconds. Made in USA
Nickel Guard Bottle (0.23 ounce bottle) - Clear Protective Coating for jewelry