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Nickel Guard® 1 Btl - Stop the painful rash caused by jewelry

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Clear Liquid

Let Nickel Guard be your first line of defense against nickel allergy. Nickel Guard is a clinically proven clear coating that forms an invisible micro-bond with metals to successfully prevent exposure to nickel. Formulated for sensitive skin, it does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate, which are chemicals known to cause secondary dermatitis. Whether it's a watch, earrings, or a belt buckle causing your itchy rash, this solution can protect you from your nickel allergy.

Easy to apply, dries quickly, and provides lasting protection from nickel. It will not harm valuable items.

Nickel Guard received top honors from a major medical university that specializes in allergic contact dermatitis. In a clinical study, it proved the most effective barrier protection from nickel. Nickel Guard can also be used for individuals with gold or cobalt allergies to prevent exposure to those metals.  

Recommended by leading dermatologists and allergists. Also available in a convenient 2-pack.


Where nickel is detected, brush 2-3 thin coats of Nickel Guard onto metal where it touches the skin.

Let dry between coats.

Nickel Guard wears with use; maintain protective properties by retesting and reapplying as necessary. Nickel Alert® can be used to verify the protective properties of Nickel Guard.


Nickel Guard is intended for use only on metal items; these items should be tested in an inconspicuous place. This product is guaranteed for its effectiveness in protection from nickel in metals, not for issues beyond our control.

Nickel Guard should be used in well-ventilated areas.