2023 Gift Collection

Act fast - this collection is only around for a limited time! We've curated our top-selling products so you can get the perfect gift, only available for a limited time.

Our newest product line - distressed leather wallets - is designed to match perfectly with any of our distressed brown leather belts. Casual and durable, with top-shelf craftsmanship.

Or get double the fun with a gift set! Our belt sets feature two belts packaged together, and our belt and wallet sets are the perfect pairing.

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*Sorry, wallets do not come with cash or credit cards :)


Product type
Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Bifold wallet option.
Magnolia Freshwater Pearl Post Earrings. Nickel-free sterling silver butterfly backs.
Freshwater pearl earrings. Total of 4 pearls approximate 5mm wide, Length of earrings is 3.5 mm
Image of Site Manager Leather Belt Set. Black and Distressed Brown Leather 1.5 inch strap. USA
Reed Distressed Leather Card Case Holder by Nickel Smart. Cardholder style wallet with 6 pockets.
Image of Black and brown leather belts with black carbon fiber buckles sewn on.  Belts have no metal
Reed Wallet wrapped in Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt. Matching distressed leather.
Mt. Pisgah Titanium Distressed Leather Belt & Wallet Set | Distressed leather belt with cardholder
Image of Rocky River Brown distressed leather belt with matching distressed bifold wallet.
caraway mountain belt with reed card holder. distressed brown leather for both wallet & belt
Caraway Mountain (Stitched) Leather Belt & Wallet Set by Nickel Smart
Ridgeline Trail Brown Distressed Leather Belt and Wallet Set by Nickel Smart
The Site Manager Distressed Leather Work Brown Belt & Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Randolph option.
Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Bifold wallet option.
Randolph Bifold Distressed Leather Wallet by Nickel Smart. Front view with single stitch in cream.
Millennial Stitched Leather Belt Set (Black and Brown) by Nickel Zero. One brown belt, one black.
Millennial Brown and Brown Stitched Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero. Outside setting. 2 brown belts.
Millennial Black and Brown Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero. One black belt, one brown belt.
Millennial Black and Black Stitched Leather Belt Set outside. Black straps, one w/ double stitching.
Zero Metal Belt Set By Nickel Smart.  Black and Brown leather belts with carbon fiber buckles.
Jericho's Favorite Belt Set by Nickel Smart. Handcrafted in the USA.
Ridgeline Trail Belt Set by Nickel Smart. One black belt, one distressed leather belt, 1.5 inch
Nickel Free Belt - The Traveler Belt Set, black dress belt & a brown casual belt. Curved buckles
Appalachian Mountains Titanium Belt Set by Nickel Smart. Brown and black straps, titanium buckles
Staff Favorite Belt Set. Handcrafted in the USA. One black, one brown belt.
Mike's Favorite Belt Set. One casual brown belt with raw edges; one black strap belt 1.5 inches wide
Appalachian Mountains Leather Belt Set: Made in the USA stamp
Athena Allergy eGift Card. Gift card with blue bow, from the Nickel Allergy experts.
White Freshwater Pearls with Nickel Free French Hooks. Dewberry Earrings. Made in USA
Save $ 1000
Urbanite Black and Brown Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero | 1 black and 1 brown strap, silver buckles