Titanium Buckles

Titanium buckles are worth the investment.  They are lightweight, extremely strong and durable. The buckle can be re-strapped if a larger size belt is needed.

Titanium is dermatologists top metal choice for any one with sensitive skin, allergies to nickel and/or other metals.


Product type
Titanium Work Buckle 1.5 inches By Nickel Smart® | Nickel free, hypoallergenic
Casual Titanium Buckle 1.5 inch wide By Nickel Smart® Titanium color
Titanium Center Bar Dress Buckle 1⅜ inch by Nickel Smart. Polished finish pure titanium belt buckle
Silver Square Titanium Buckle, 1¼ inch straps. Hypoallergenic, squared corners, flattened single pin
Men's Titanium Buckle.  Titanium, nickel free, hypoallergenic. Arched design, brushed satin finish.
Titanium-Carbon Fiber Buckle. Titanium belt buckle, carbon fiber accents, inset of hook on back