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Nickel Free Jewelry - Entire Collection

Welcome to our amazing collection of hypoallergenic jewelry. Select from nickel free necklaces, earrings, and pendants.  Whether you love colorful dichroic glass or simple pearls, purchase knowing all items are Certified Nickel Free ™.


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Silver Ball Earrings 5 millimeter. Hypoallergenic stainless steel. Stud earrings
White Pearl Stud Earrings By Nickel Smart® | Gold plated surgical steel posts and backs
Austrian Crystal Stud Earrings By Nickel Smart |  princess cut hypoallergenic post earrings
Cosmic Earrings | Bright blue dichroic glass dots secured to nickel free silver post
Silver dichroic glass with blue, green, copper and teal tinges. Looking Glass Falls Earrings.
Silver dichroic glass with blues, blacks and greens. Galaxy Quest Earrings. nickel free post
Crystal Ball Stud Earrings By Nickel Smart® | clear balls with rainbow finish | silver backing
Lilac purple with bits of teal and pink dichroic glass dots. Supernova Earrings. silver post
Rainbow Red Dichroic Glass in tear drop shape. 1 inch drop Rainbow Falls Earrings - USA
Silver Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings. Hypoallergenic. safe for nickel allergies.
Save $ 500
Light Rainbow Purple dichroic glass. Looking Glass Falls Earrings - Lilac. USA made
Princess Pink Stud Earrings By Nickel Smart® | pink ball earrings with a little sparkle. 6 mm studs
Blue manmade sapphire stone with gold plated stainless steel. 5 mm Sparkle Posts By Nickel Smart®
Sea Blue dichroic glass earrings in fan shape.  Silver French hooks. 1.5 inch drop earrings.
Cape Hatteras Earrings by Nickel Smart. Black rectangular glass with 3 black beads. silver accents
At;antic Beach Earrings by Nickel Smart - atthenaallergy.cm, nickel free jewelry, hypoallergenic
Pink glass earrings in scalene triangle shape. 1.75 inch drop earrings - Merry Waterfalls Earrings
 Rainbow Red Dichroic Glass Earrings - Slender 1 inch drop earring - Sunburst Falls Earrings
Gold Stainless Steel Ball Earrings By Nickel Smart.| Hypoallergenic Studs. Size is 5 millimeter
Sea Blue Dichroic Glass with silver French Hook earrings. | Hypoallergenic 1 inch drop earring
Rainbow Blue Dichroic Glass earrings with silver French hoop | Looking Glass Falls Earrings - 1 inch
Athena Allergy eGift Card. Gift card with blue bow, from the Nickel Allergy experts.
Rainbow Red Dichroic glass earrings with silver French hooks. 1.75 inches. Cascades Earrings
Red Dichroic glass pendant with mix of blues, pinks and yellows. 1.5 inches long
Ivy Pendant - Rainbow Blue by Nickel Smart.  Blue glass with blues, greens, pinks and orange
A colorful mixture of pink, blue, orange, blue, purples. Rainbow Falls Earrings. 1 inch drop.
Purple with pink and silver streaks. 1.75 inch drop earrings. Queens Falls Earrings by Nickel Smart
Bubbling Branch Falls Earrings | teal colored, tear dropped shaped, nickel free earrings
Cascades Earrings Rainbow Blue Dichroic Glass with silver French hooks nickel free earrings
Red glass drop earrings with 3 red beads. earring is wrapped with silver. 2 inches long.
Carolina Beach Earrings by Nickel Smart - blue nickel free earrings, hypoallergenic, silver hooks
Moon Goddess crescent shaped dichroic glass earrings showing pink, blue, purple and yellow. USA
Silver dichroic glass mixed with red, blue, and orange. Silver French hooks. 1.5 inch drop earring.
Dichroic glass has blues, purples, yellow, pink. Each is different. Silver French Hook. 1.5 inches
Silver dichroic glass with mix of blue, red, orange. rectangular glass. 1.75 inch drop. French hook
Multicolored dichroic glass earrings. Slender tear drop  Firewater Falls Earrings - Kaleidoscope
Green dichroic glass with blues, red, yellow and orange.  Scalene Triangle shaped. 1.75 inch
Cedar Rock Falls Earrings | Green dichroic glass mixed with multiple colors. 1 inch teardrop.
Pink rectangular glass beads accented with 3 pink beads. Silver French hooks. 1.75 inch drop
Robin's Egg Blue Czech oval bead, translucent sand-colored faceted accent beads, silver wire wrap.
Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings with gold plating. Hypoallergenic. safe for nickel allergies.
Save $ 500
Rainbow Colored- pink, blue, purple, green and gold. Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings.
Save $ 500
Crescent shaped earrings made from blue dichroic glass. Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free Earrings
Rainbow Red Dichroic Glass  Necklace made from 7 different pieces of glass with silver chain.
Rainbow Red Dichroic Glass. Large statement necklace. Nickel Free. Hypoallergenic.  USA
Dichroic glass pendant. purple, lilac and pink. Silver wrap on front which turns into loop for chain
Dichroic glass pendant made with a kaleidoscope of colors - blue, pink, yellow, purple, teal.
Fan shaped red glass earrings with silver French hooks 1.5 inch drop earrings
Purple dichroic glass in slender rectangle shape. Silver French hooks. 1.75 inches long.
Rainbow Blue Dichroic Glass Earrings. Slender Tear drop design. Firewater Falls Earrings
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