New Belts!

What's new in nickel free belts? A lot! Take a look at our recent additions!


Product type
Black Leather Belt with Silver Nickel Free Buckle. Sides have single stitch for decoration.
Urbanite Brown Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Solid brown leather strap with silver-tone buckle.
Urbanite Black Leather Belt by Nickel Zero | Shiny black strap, silver-tone buckle
Black Mountain Belt by Nickel Smart. All-black style. Solid genuine leather black strap.
Cold Mountain Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Tawny brown full grain leather belt, matte black buckle
Save $ 500
Silver colored stainless steel rectangular center bar buckle with 1.5 inch full grain leather strap.
Brown Leather Belt with 2 rows of cream colored stitching. 1.5 inch Nickel Free Buckle
Save $ 500
Millennial Black Belt (Stitched) by Nickel Zero | Black leather belt, double white accent stitching
Save $ 500
Image of Site Manager Leather Belt Set. Black and Distressed Brown Leather 1.5 inch strap. USA
Urbanite Black and Brown Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero | 1 black and 1 brown strap, silver buckles