Carbon Fiber Leather Belts

Carbon Fiber Buckles - What's the benefit?
  • TSA Friendly!
  • Does not require removal when going thru metal detector - SAVES TIME!
  • No metal in belt means no metal detector beeps!
  • Perfect for frequent fliers and courthouse workers.
  • Lightweight, attractive, unique and guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash.


Product type
Image of The Stealth Black and Brown Leather Belt set by Nickel Smart. Nickel Free, TSA Friendly
Image The Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt with black edges.  TSA Friendly. No Metal
Save $ 2996
CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle.  Rectangular buckle. No Metal Belt. USA
Save $ 4001
Zero Metal Belt Set By Nickel Smart.  Black and Brown leather belts with carbon fiber buckles.
EZ Traveler Belt Set By Nickel Smart - 1 black leather  and 1 brown leather belt. Made in USA.
Image of Black and brown leather belts with black carbon fiber buckles sewn on.  Belts have no metal
The Classified Black Leather Belt By Nickel Smart. carbon fiber buckle, full grain black leather
Save $ 2000
Black Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Belt. Black buckle with black full grain leather. No Metal.
Carbon Fiber Belt with Wide Pin. Brown full grain leather belt. 1.5 inches. No metal. USA Made
The Stealth Brown Belt By Nickel Smart. 1⅜ inches (35 mm) strap of brown top grain leather. USA made
Save $ 2000
Brown full grain leather sewn onto black rectangular buckle. CF 2.0 Brown Belt By Nickel Smart
Save $ 3000
The Specialist Brown Belt By Nickel Smart, carbon fiber buckle with tan full grain leather.
CF 2.0 Belt By Nickel Smart. Black carbon fiber hook buckle sewn to black full grain leather strap.
The Specialist Belt By Nickel Smart® | Black full grain leather with black buckle