NEW! Amish-made Nickel Free Belts - Experience the Quality!

NEW! Amish-made Nickel Free Belts - Experience the Quality!

Buy the best and buy it once! Continuing to follow sound family advice, we at Athena Allergy are always on the lookout for the best products for our customers. We are excited to offer three new belts that come from an Amish family-owned business whose traditions include a strong work ethic and an absolute commitment to quality. These new belts are now a part of our Signature Series Collection which offers each belt with a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner, while always remaining completely nickel free!

The top quality leather straps are combined with attractive titanium buckles, making it easy for us to guarantee these belts for life. Dermatologists and allergists agree that titanium is the best choice for those who suffer from nickel allergy or other allergies to metals. Titanium is ideal for belt buckles due to its high strength to weight ratio, making it comfortably lightweight and extremely durable.

The Catawba River Black Belt is a great-looking nickel free dress belt which pairs the classic Silver Square Titanium Buckle with a handcrafted bridle leather strap, making this belt an elite contender in the fight against nickel allergy!

The Whitewater Black Belt and the White Oak Brown Belt offer a more casual look, but are also handcrafted to last! Each of these two belt styles has a striking figure eight stitching on top grain leather; the leather has been oiled and waxed giving it good resistance to water and grime. 

The handsome Titanium Work Buckle is the perfect finishing touch for the Whitewater Black Belt, as this center bar buckle is a true centerpiece with its combination of high polish and brushed satin finishes. The White Oak Brown Belt was fitted with the ever-popular Casual Titanium Buckle for a slightly more rugged look.

Whichever Amish-made belt you choose, you can be sure you have a lifetime of wear ahead of you! Enjoy the feel of a fine quality handcrafted belt, along with complete freedom from nickel allergy rash!