Shop Smart for Back to School - NickelSmart™

Shop Smart for Back to School - NickelSmart™

Summer has flown by and now we're out with the crowds picking up back to school supplies! We're also hearing from concerned parents who are trying to navigate their child's freedom from nickel allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, back to school may mean back to those itchy, red rashes that can result from prolonged contact with nickel.

A new school year often means new activities. If band is on your nickel allergic student's agenda, be aware that many musical instruments contain nickel. Nickel Alert™, a simple and easy to use dmg spot test, can safely and accurately test for nickel in even extremely low levels. Identify the problem early before it causes lengthy discomfort, or even the inability to play the instrument!

In sports, metal grommets, rings, and closures found in some uniforms may contain nickel. For student athletes with nickel allergy, it is especially important to assure that no nickel in metal items will contact the skin. Perspiration worsens nickel allergy symptoms as it transfers the nickel in metal more readily to the skin, so a resulting rash could become quite uncomfortable and even affect athletic performance. Some of the metal parts on uniforms can be protected with a lacquer especially designed for sensitive skin, Nickel Guard™. Tested by dermatologists and found to be an effective barrier between the nickel in metal and skin, Nickel Guard can be safely and easily applied to non-movable metal parts. It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate which can create secondary dermatitis problems for those with the sensitive skin associated with nickel allergy.  

Some mobile devices have also tested positive for nickel content. Due to the increased use of tablets in many school systems, it would be advisable to test and if necessary, secure a cover for protection.

Many parents are aware that the nickel in belt buckles causes a very uncomfortable abdominal rash for their children. Athena Allergy's NickelSmart brand nickel free belts are not only guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel, they are also stylish and comfortable! 

Jewelry for teens and tweens is a notorious source of nickel! Make sure their first days of school are nickel rash free with NickelSmart nickel free earrings! With several sparkly dichroic glass posts, there may even be earrings to match the school colors!

If you feel your child is ready for ear piercing, consider that this step is a major cause of introducing nickel and resulting nickel allergy. Individuals who are susceptible to nickel allergy can quickly become sensitized to nickel with any body piercing. Recommendations for safe piercing include the use of sterile, nickel free needles and nickel free jewelry. The piercer should be able to provide documentation of the metal content of items being used to assure that nickel is not being introduced via piercing.

Make this year a successful, NickelSmart year by trusting the great products offered by The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy, Inc.