Happy Nickel Free New Year!

Happy Nickel Free New Year!

We’re glad you’re visiting our site! Our resolution is to help our nickel allergic customers learn how easy it is to live a comfortable life, free of nickel allergy symptoms. If you’ve been too busy with holiday activities to take some time for yourself, why not start now by eliminating that troublesome nickel allergy rash?

Perhaps you’re confident that a certain belt buckle is causing the itchy, raised nickel allergy bumps on your abdomen, but our experience has shown that the belt buckle worn on the day that symptoms appear may not actually be the belt buckle that contains nickel. Nickel allergy is considered a delayed Type IV contact dermatitis, so the belt buckle you wore a couple of days ago could actually be the problem product.

The good news is there is no need to guess. We advise our customers who have been diagnosed with nickel allergy that the foundation of embarking on a nickel free journey is to use Nickel Solution™ to detect the nickel in metallic items and then to protect the skin from that nickel. Nickel Solution contains one bottle of Nickel Alert, a dmg spot test that will accurately detect minute traces of nickel and one bottle of Nickel Guard™, a lacquer which will provide an effective seal between the nickel salts in metal and your skin.

The first step to eliminating nickel from your life is to use Nickel Alert to test those belt buckles, eyeglass frames, earrings, rings and more to determine which of your metallic items contain nickel. Once that has been determined, you may choose to replace that item with a Certified Nickel Free product or use Nickel Guard to protect your skin. Nickel Guard is best used on smaller items with non-moveable parts.

Here at Athena Allergy, we are excited about our collection of Certified Nickel Free Belts and nickel free jewelry. The majority of our products include Handmade in the USA nickel free belts and Made in the USA Nickel Free Earrings.  Our talented leather crafters and jewelry artisans take a lot of pride in their work, with great attention to detail. Here at Athena Allergy we test and re-test product batches to assure that our customers will never encounter a nickel allergic reaction.

If 2017 is the year to start taking good care of yourself, start by ridding yourself of the complication of nickel allergy. We are here to help!