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Nickel Solution® The Nickel Allergy Starter Kit™

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Nickel Solution is a unique two-part system that gives you the freedom to wear the jewelry you love - even if it's not "nickel-free".

This invaluable kit is super easy to use. It contains Nickel Alert®, a dmg nickel spot test which is safe to test on any metal item. You'll know in 30 seconds if the metal contains even minute amounts of nickel. Nickel Alert is sensitive enough to detect the presence of free nickel at a level as low as 10 ppm (parts/million)—a threshold below which only individuals with the most pronounced sensitivity to nickel would experience a reaction. Nickel Alert comes in a plastic squeezable 0.5oz (14.8ml) bottle that contains enough testing liquid for more than 200 positive tests! Nickel Alert works on jewelry, cell phones, watches, or any metal item. 

Nickel Solution also comes with Nickel Guard® - a protective coating designed to bond with metal and put a durable and clinically-proven barrier between your skin and nickel. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and provides lasting protection. Formulated for sensitive skin, Nickel Guard is a lacquer that does not contain the chemicals formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate which may cause secondary skin reactions. Nickel Guard can also be used for individuals with gold or cobalt allergies to prevent exposure to those metals. 

Recommended by leading dermatologists and allergists.



Nickel Alert:

Squeeze 2-3 drops of Nickel Alert onto a cotton swab. With the swab, rub the metal item firmly for 15-30 seconds. A pink-red color on the swab indicates nickel.

Do not reuse the swab.

To demonstrate a positive test, test a nickel coin. It contains 25% nickel and will turn the swab pink indicating nickel is detected.

Nickel Alert should be used in well-ventilated areas.

Nickel Guard:

Where nickel is detected, brush 2-3 thin coats of Nickel Guard onto metal where it touches the skin.

Let dry between coats.

Nickel Guard wears with use; maintain protective properties by retesting and reapplying as necessary.

Nickel Alert can be used to verify the protective properties of Nickel Guard are in place.



Nickel Alert, Nickel Guard and Nickel Solution are intended for use only on metal items; these items should be tested in an inconspicuous place.

Nickel Alert will not harm metal, even in delicate heirloom jewelry. However, if the item being tested has been coated, such as with varnish or antique finishes, the coating can be dissolved with the use of Nickel Alert.

Some degree of evaporation may occur with Nickel Alert, but will not alter the effectiveness of the product. 

How or where products are tested is not within our purview. These products are guaranteed for their effectiveness in the testing of and protection from nickel in metals, not for issues beyond our control.

Postal Requirement: Nickel Solution contains a flammable liquid and must be shipped via Surface Mail. It requires ORMD labeling to ensure it is not shipped via air. These precautions can add to delivery times. 

Please note: For safety reasons, once the tamper evident seal has been broken, Nickel Alert may not be returned.