Buy Made in USA for a Hometown Holiday

Buy Made in USA for a Hometown Holiday

We hope you’ll consider joining us this holiday season as we make a deliberate effort to Buy Local and Support Made in the USA. Our small family-owned business is successful only because of our loyal customers like you!

We feel good about supporting other small, local businesses knowing we we are doing something to benefit the economy and our neighbors. Plus it just gives us a warm, hometown feeling which is perfect for the holidays. 

Athena Allergy, Inc. has long held a commitment to securing US talent to produce the majority of our products. Starting with our iconic products, Nickel Solution™, Nickel Alert™, and Nickel Guard™ which were formulated, manufactured, and packaged in the USA this goal has continued on to our handcrafted nickel free belts and hypoallergenic earrings.

Filling the previously unmet need of offering Certified Nickel Free™ belts, buckles, earrings, and more, the owners of Athena Allergy continually strive to make easier the lives of those suffering from nickel allergy. Certified Nickel Free products come with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel. 

With so many new products listed this year, it was hard for us to come up with our traditional favorites to share with you. For the lovely ladies in your life, the Go Girl Gift Set offers two handcrafted leather belts along with a pair of dichroic glass nickel free post earrings. The Ashe Nickel Free Black Dress Belt and the Distressed Rose Nickel Free Brown Casual Belt will cover practically every occasion. To personalize this gift, you get to choose which pair of dichroic glass post earrings will complete the set! Each of these three items was made in the USA! Plus to make your life easier, we'll ship this great gift set out all dressed up in an organza bag! 

If your gift requires an air of sophistication, we have you covered! Just for the holiday season, we are offering the Black on Black Gift Set! A black nickel free dress belt, a black nickel free casual belt, and a black handcrafted wallet. We're thinking you just can't go wrong with black accessories and so we've packaged three of them together for an amazing gift. Again, all handmade in the USA and all fine quality leather! 

Looking to place a little jewelry box under the tree, but are wary of being the bearer of nickel allergy rashes? Our jewelry has been carefully tested to earn the Certified Nickel Free seal of approval! We guarantee this jewelry will never cause a nickel allergy rash. Our Made in the USA nickel free earrings are sure to cause some "oohs and aahs"; the look is spectacular!  

Our wish for you is a nickel-less holiday, but one that is complete with St. Nicholas! Enjoy the home grown feeling of Made in the USA and have a happy holiday!