College Countdown?  Count on The Nickel Allergy Experts for Helpful Hints!

College Countdown? Count on The Nickel Allergy Experts for Helpful Hints!

Students preparing for dorm life are ready to take steps toward managing their own health care needs, including avoidance of nickel, if they are allergic.  

The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy want to remind nickel allergic students who are living away from home that it is important to: 

  • Advise Student Health professionals of any allergy, including your allergy to nickel, as this information can be helpful when diagnosing and treating several conditions. 
  • Arm yourself with the building blocks to prevent nickel allergy symptoms from ever appearing –Nickel Alert™ to detect nickel in metal and Nickel Guard™ to provide a barrier between the nickel and skin. If this is the first time you’ve been away from home, you may not be aware of the steps your parents have taken to keep you away from the nickel found in common metallic items.  Testing those items with which you frequently come into contact is important.  Find out which items contain metal, so you can be proactive in preventing any reaction.  
  • Once nickel is detected, determine if there are substitute products that can be easily used, or if there is a way to prevent your skin from regularly contacting that metal. Nickel Guard is a way to protect your skin from the nickel in some metallic items.  The lacquer forms a micro-bond with metal which effectively shields the skin from any contact.  Furthermore, Nickel Guard was carefully formulated without the use of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate which can create secondary dermatitis problems for those with the sensitive skin associated with nickel allergy. 
  • Buy only products that are guaranteed to be nickel free, to eliminate any concern about nickel allergy rash interfering with your studies and your exciting new social life! The belts at Athena Allergy have proven popular with college students as many of the nickel free belts are handcrafted in the USA and have unique and trendy styles.  New nickel free earring designs are regularly introduced, and the current selection should have colors and styles to fit any occasion. 
  • Refer to the helpful Nickel Allergy Information Pages at Athena Allergy, Inc., if you have questions about your condition. See the Dropdown Boxes for subjects under Nickel Allergy and Nickel Test on the home page at Athena Allergy, Inc. 
  • Be proud of yourself for taking these steps toward self-sufficiency! Get involved, study hard, and have fun!





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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (Nickel Free Version)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (Nickel Free Version)

You’ve just taken the first step toward selecting a fabulous nickel free gift for your sweetheart – one she will truly treasure and be able to wear without the uncomfortable symptoms of nickel allergy!  We know she will appreciate your thoughtfulness! 

Maybe you’ve just learned about her nickel allergy, or perhaps you found out the hard way when she couldn’t wear the expensive watch you gave her last year.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help you find the perfect gift! 

If your special someone is a driven, career-focused professional, consider the Women’s Titanium Watch.  A sleek classic style that easily transitions from the work day to the weekend, this nickel free watch is the perfect accessory!  Titanium is a doctor recommended solution for anyone with allergies to metal due to its low allergenicity.  

Are you looking for softly feminine designs to suit your romantically inclined sweetheart?  Our jewelry artist has been adding new styles weekly, focusing on beautiful hypoallergenic dangles that set the stage for amour.  Beloved Earrings are the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day as exotically colored padparadscha Swarovski crystal hearts dangle from bicone crystals on this pair of earrings.  Our office favorites are the Princess in Waiting Hypoallergenic Earrings!  Don’t keep your princess waiting any longer, these gorgeous pink crystal cube earrings will take care of her nickel allergy rashes! 

Remembering special days at the beach, with your senses completely in tune with nature and each other?  Help her remember those times with our nickel free Sterling Silver post earrings.  We even have a  “beach collection” featuring Sand Dollar Sterling Posts, Sea Turtles Sterling Posts, and Starfish Sterling Posts

Popping the question this Valentine’s Day?  Our matching men’s and women’s titanium wedding bands will be perfect for your big day!  Our Women’s Titanium Ring with Diamond has a matching counterpart. You will be prepared when she says yes! 

Maybe your nickel allergic teenaged daughter is the one on your Valentine’s Day list.  Would she prefer a trendy nickel free belt such as our perfectly-colored-for-the-occasion Pretty in Pink Nickel Free Belt?  Maybe oversized Sterling Silver Hoops, or even faux diamonds in our Sparkling Stones Sterling Silver Posts?  

For all the special someones in your life,  trust Athena Allergy as your go-to site for all things nickel free!  Buy with confidence, knowing our products have been tested to guarantee they are safe to wear for those with nickel allergy. 


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Our New Year's Resolution - stopping YOUR nickel rash!

Our New Year's Resolution - stopping YOUR nickel rash!

As our team prepared to launch this new site, our focus was to provide information to empower our customers to achieve a nickel free life, liberated from the uncomfortable symptoms of nickel allergy!

It's really quite simple, too.  For those who have been diagnosed with nickel allergy, simply eliminate the nickel and the nickel allergy symptoms will disappear!  The first step is always to find the source of nickel in daily living.  Nickel Alert™ allows for easy, at-home testing of metal items to determine if there is nickel content.  Nickel Alert is so sensitive, it will detect minute traces of nickel in metal in seconds. We find that these commonly used items are those that are tops on the nickel allergy sufferers list:  belt buckles, metal buttons and jean studs, earrings, and wristwatches.  If nickel is found in these items, the choices are either to protect the skin from that metal or, if at all possible, replace that item with one that is guaranteed to be nickel free.

Athena Allergy is proud to offer regionally crafted nickel free belts and jewelry that come with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel! Our handcrafted belts are made with genuine leather and paired with nickel free buckles; many of these belts are matched with titanium buckles which are recommended by dermatologists for metal allergies. Our jewelry line is comprised of handcrafted earrings, bracelets, and necklaces along with nickel free sterling silver post earrings. We also offer Certified Nickel Free™ Buttons and Rivets to replace any of those that failed the nickel test!  

Perhaps after a season of shopping for others, replacing all the nickel-laden products isn't an option right now.  Nickel Guard™ is a protective barrier that can be used on many metal products to protect your skin from nickel.  Clinically proven, this lacquer has been formulated without formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or toluene - chemicals known to cause skin irritation.  Nickel Guard can be brushed onto metal items (without movable parts) to protect the skin from nickel contact.   A great gift for yourself should be Nickel Solution which contains one bottle of Nickel Alert and one bottle of Nickel Guard - test for nickel, then protect your skin!

Welcome to the new Athena Allergy, Inc. site and to your nickel free new year!



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Welcome to the NEW Athena Allergy Website

We are so excited you've joined us for this new venture!  After eleven years in the business, we are thrilled to be introducing a new website designed to help you navigate your way to freedom from nickel allergy troubles!

The Athena Allergy, Inc. website has always focused on providing up-to-date nickel allergy information, while introducing our visitors to high quality products that are guaranteed to never cause an allergic reaction to nickel.

Our company has grown tremendously over the past years, thanks to our customer's support along with the excellent quality of the nickel free products we are proud to be able to offer. 

If nickel allergy is a concern for you or a loved one, we are confident you will find our informational pages to be educational, helping you overcome the symptoms associated with allergic contact dermatitis to nickel.  Starting with the building blocks to avoiding nickel--Nickel Solution, Nickel Alert, and Nickel Guard-- and moving forward to nickel free belts, buckles, and jewelry this site offers solutions to every day nickel allergy problems.  

We think you'll like what you see as you work your way through our user-friendly website.  We've added search filters to help you locate the perfect nickel free belt or buckle, there are more products than ever before, and the clean and simple look will aid in your site navigation.

Here at Athena Allergy, Inc., we are The Nickel Allergy Experts and we want to use that knowledge base to support our customers.  Let us know how we're doing!  We enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your feedback.  Just click the Contact Us button!

Thanks for visiting!

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