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    Test for Nickel!

    Nickel Alert:
    Easily and accurately test any metal for nickel.

    Nickel Guard:
    Create a clinically proven barrier and Protect your skin.

    Problem Solved! Learn More
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    Red Stomach Rash?

    An abdominal rash may signal an allergy to nickel.

    No need to sacrifice style, here's an incredible selection of belts that will never cause a nickel rash.

    Be Nickel Smart:
    Choose Nickel Smart branded products.

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    Itchy Wrist?

    Finally! You can wear watches and rings again!

    Our fashionable, rash-free selection is laboratory-tested and guaranteed to be safe for people with nickel allergies.

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    Allergic to more than just nickel?

    Signature Series products are ideal for persons suffering from multiple metal allergies. Recommended by dermatologists worldwide!

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