Don’t Let Scary Nickel Allergy Rashes Ruin Your Halloween Fun

Don’t Let Scary Nickel Allergy Rashes Ruin Your Halloween Fun

It can be tricky to prevent nickel allergy symptoms from making a ghastly appearance on the best of days, but on Halloween it seems costumes and props are frighteningly full of this allergen.  Finding nickel free Halloween accessories can be difficult simply because nickel is used so widely in the US.  An inexpensive and durable metal, nickel is often found in costume accessories such as belts, buckles, wands, batons, pitchforks, eyeglass frames, hair clips, metal buttons, snaps, swords, jewelry, and even angel/fairy wings! 

If you or your child have been diagnosed with nickel allergy, it will be helpful to test metallic items prior to long use or wear, so itchy nickel allergy rashes can be avoided.  Nickel Alert™ is an easy to use dimethlyglyoxime test for nickel. Applying Nickel Alert to a cotton swab then firmly rubbing metal will provide a test result in seconds. A pink to red color on the swab means nickel has been detected. Since Nickel Alert will reveal a positive result with even extremely low levels of nickel, you can be assured that an item is truly nickel free after a negative result. 

Suppose you’ve found perfect costume accessory and it tests positive for nickel: there are other options available so you may still be able to use it. Nickel Guard™ provides clinically proven barrier protection between metal and skin.  Best used on small immobile products, Nickel Guard can be lacquered onto the metal to form a micro-bond that prevents skin contact from the nickel in metal.  Nickel Guard was developed by Athena Allergy, Inc. specifically for those with sensitive skin and does not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, known to cause skin irritation. If the item is large and bulky, consider creative ways to protect your skin from contact with the prop such as wearing gloves to wave the Fairy Godmother’s Wand! 

For those who are extremely sensitive, nickel can haunt the evening in other ways, including diet. Chocolate, the Halloween staple, can be a source of high nickel dietary content. The lengthy refining process for dark chocolate and cocoa powder allows these products to be in direct contact with machinery that often contains nickel, which will actually add nickel to those items. Most people with nickel allergy have no dietary restrictions; however, a visit to an allergist can offer either reassurance or suggestions for a low nickel diet.  The Athena Allergy website offers further information on The Nickel Allergy Diet, along with other helpful information for managing nickel allergy. 

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This Halloween, treat yourself to a nickel free life with the trusted products from The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy, Inc.