Concerns Continue as iPhone Causes Nickel Allergy Rash

Concerns Continue as iPhone Causes Nickel Allergy Rash

Once again Apple products are making news in the dermatology field as now the iPhone 6 has been implicated as the cause of a British man’s serious allergic reaction to nickel.  Just last year, a young boy was treated for severe nickel allergy as a result of spending time on his iPad.  As new iPhone products are launching this month, nickel allergy sufferers are concerned about making this investment. 

While Apple indicates these reactions are extremely rare, it has also been noted that overall incidences of nickel allergy are on the rise.  Dermatologists such as Dr. Sharon Jacob have been trying to bring the concern about nickel allergy to the manufacturers.  Dr. Jacob diagnosed and treated the 11-year old whose nickel allergy to his iPad made international news last year.  She  expressed her concern directly to Athena Allergy, Inc. owner, Michael Dow, as she enlisted his support and learned more about his organizations.  Dow and his wife, Lea are respected in the dermatology and allergy fields as experts on allergic contact dermatitis to nickel.  Their companies, NoNickel and parent company Athena Allergy, Inc., sell nickel test kits and products which are tested and guaranteed to be nickel free.  They, too, are seeing a noticeable increase in the numbers of people seeking relief from nickel allergy symptoms. 

Nickel allergy is caused when an individual becomes sensitized to nickel either through piercing or other direct and continued contact with metal containing nickel.  The most common symptom of nickel allergy is a red rash that is intensely itchy and appears at the site of contact.  Other symptoms may include blisters, hives, cracking or dry/leathery patches of skin.  In years past, nickel allergy symptoms most often occurred when women had their ears pierced for the first time.  Now men are frequently those seeking treatment and nickel avoidance. Dow shares that belt buckles are a primary concern for men with nickel allergy today.  The belt buckles offered by Athena Allergy have been carefully sourced, then tested to assure they will never cause a nickel rash.  Since some customers are unsure of their metal allergy, Athena Allergy offers a number of titanium buckles that are recommended by dermatologists for almost any metal allergy. 

Apple is not alone in making the headlines with nickel allergy reactions. In recent years, a Fitbit tracker was identified as a source of nickel.  Fitbit responded quickly to these concerns by offering refunds or exchanges, but problems seem to be continuing with some of their products.  However, Fitbit has been proactive by creating an advisory board of certified dermatologists to assist with testing and wear protocol.   In Europe, there are regulations governing the use of nickel in the manufacture of goods.  Dermatologists credit this directive with reducing the incidences of nickel allergy in European countries.  However, since the recent case of nickel allergy from an iPhone was in Great Britain, it causes concern to resurface regarding international brands. 

If a person is concerned that the electronic device is causing a reaction, there are several options.  The first step would be to visit a dermatologist or allergist to determine if the individual has nickel or other metal allergy.  Another possible step is to test the device for nickel content.  All metallic items can be easily and safely tested using the dimethylglyoxime nickel test, Nickel Alert™. This dmg spot test will provide fast and highly accurate results and can be purchased from  Questioning the manufacturer is a good practice typically before making a purchase, but can also be helpful in identifying the source of an irritant. Using a protective case is another proven way to provide a barrier between any nickel in an electronic device and the skin. 

It would seem reasonable to expect manufacturers to identify products containing nickel, especially with the successful push toward labeling food products for similar reasons. While nickel allergy sufferers wait for changes in laws governing the use of nickel in metals, living a life free of nickel rashes is possible.  Athena Allergy, Inc. offers educational tips, nickel test kits, nickel barrier protection, nickel free jewelry, and nickel free belts. The nickel free belt selection is the largest in the world and consists of many handcrafted, genuine leather belts.  Every product comes with the guarantee that it will never test positive for nickel; the Signature Series Belts are sold with a lifetime guarantee against breakage or defect.   It is even possible to order nickel free rivets and buttons from Athena Allergy making it simple to replace those causing an abdominal rash.  The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy, Inc. are making it easier than ever to manage nickel allergy.