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Summer Forecast - Increased Chance of Nickel Allergy Rash

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Rita Arrup | 0 comments

Just when you thought you were swimsuit-ready, an unsightly and uncomfortable red rash appears on your abdomen.  Why does this happen every year?  It's not coincidental, as temperatures rise, so do problems with nickel allergy symptoms.

The reason behind the symptom surge is simple- nickel salts transfer more readily with moisture, so increased perspiration in the summertime heat will escalate your chances of a nickel allergy reaction.

The solution is just as simple - protect your skin from nickel with Certified Nickel Free™ metals! Athena Allergy has nickel free belts to suit every style and budget, an amazing assortment of nickel free earrings, and hypoallergenic watches that are guaranteed to never cause a nickel rash.

A purchase from Athena Allergy allows you peace of mind, knowing that every product has been batch-tested before it is offered for sale. In addition, every product comes with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel! If you need even more assurance that your purchase will stand the test of time, take a look at the Signature Series Products that  are backed with a full lifetime guarantee - no nickel, no defects, and no breakage! 

Don't let nickel allergy symptoms interfere with all the fun that summer has to offer! Come on in and take a look around.  You have a lot to gain and a nickel allergy rash to lose!

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