Clamp Pin Buckle (1⅜") by Nickel Smart®

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This nickel-free pin buckle has a clamp-on mechanism and is incredibly easy to use. Looks great with jeans or a suit and tie.

Here's a great tip: retrofit your existing belt by simply trimming off your old nickel-laden buckle, clamping this buckle into place, and presto - no more itchy nickel rash!

Good looking, easy to use, and Certified Nickel Free™ by Athena Allergy!

This buckle is available on several of our belts including the Black Dress Belt, Brown Dress Belt, Chestnut Knob Belt, Black Balsam Knob Belt

    • Certified Nickel Free - guaranteed to never test positive for nickel!
    • Buckle Fits: 1¼ to 1⅜ inch (32 mm to 35 mm) straps (inside dimension is 1⅜ inches or 35 mm) 
    • Dimensions: 3 inches (76 mm) long x 1¾ inches (44 mm) wide x ⅝" height (16 mm) with keeper
    • Finish: Brushed satin
    • Material: Zinc 
    • Hypoallergenic 
    • Instructions:  Unclamp the buckle by lifting the tab (lever) on the back side of the buckle; slide the buckle onto belt strap, then press firmly into place.  For belt sizing tips, please see "Belt Sizing Tips".           

    Buckle Material

    Zinc (Zn) is a very common element that can take many forms from metals to supplements. It is inexpensive, is often used as a base metal, and accepts various platings well.
    Characteristics: Zinc is softer than steel and is easily poured into molds or cast into various shapes. Its good corrosion resistance and low allergenicity make it an ideal choice for those with nickel allergy.

    Our zinc buckles come with a thirty-day return period. If you are not fully satisfied, return the buckle during that time frame for a refund or exchange.


    Belt Size is missing