The Millennial Collection


Product type
Millennial Brown Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Deep brown leather strap with polished zinc buckle
Millennial Black and Brown Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero. One black belt, one brown belt.
Millennial Black Belt (Stitched) by Nickel Zero | Black leather belt, double white accent stitching
Save $ 500
Millennial Black Belt by Nickel Zero. Sleek black leather strap with polished nickel free buckle
Millennial Stitched Leather Belt Set (Black and Brown) by Nickel Zero. One brown belt, one black.
Brown Leather Belt with 2 rows of cream colored stitching. 1.5 inch Nickel Free Buckle
Save $ 500
Millennial Belt Buckle by Nickel Zero. Silver-tone zinc alloy belt buckle.
Millennial Brown and Brown Stitched Leather Belt Set by Nickel Zero. Outside setting. 2 brown belts.
Millennial Black and Black Stitched Leather Belt Set outside. Black straps, one w/ double stitching.