Nickel Testing Supplies - Nickel Solution

Nickel Solution® The original one-step nickel test kit and clinically proven nickel barrier protection in one invaluable package! Detect the nickel in metal then protect your skin!


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Nickel Solution® | Nickel Alert -Test for Nickel | Nickel Guard - Protect from Nickel
2 bottles of Nickel Alert |  Easy test to detect nickel in any metal.
Nickel Guard 2-Pack | 2 bottles | A clear protective coating to avoid nickel contact.
Nickel Alert- nickel test. Detect nickel in metal within 30 seconds. Made in USA
Athena Allergy eGift Card. Gift card with blue bow, from the Nickel Allergy experts.
Nickel Guard Bottle (0.23 ounce bottle) - Clear Protective Coating for jewelry