Nickel Free Belt Sets

Nickel free belt sets make a great gift! They are also the perfect for wardrobe-building, as versatility has been key in creating these duos. Best of all, these belt sets are guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel.


Product type
Appalachian Mountains Leather Belt Set By Nickel Smart. Genuine leather black and brown belts
Appalachian Mountains Titanium Belt Set by Nickel Smart. Brown and black straps, titanium buckles
Athena Allergy eGift Card. Gift card with blue bow, from the Nickel Allergy experts.
Dress Belt Black And Brown Combo By Nickel Smart® |, nickel free, zinc buckl
EZ Traveler Belt Set By Nickel Smart - 1 black leather  and 1 brown leather belt. Made in USA.
Jericho's Favorite Belt Set by Nickel Smart. 1 mahogany brown strap, 1 black strap, titanium buckles
Mikes Favorite Belt Set By Nickel Smart. 1.5 inch black and brown leather belt
Ridgeline Trail Belt Set by Nickel Smart. One black belt, one distressed leather belt, 1.5 inch
Staff Favorite Belt Set by Nickel Smart. 1 brown strap, 1 textured black strap, zinc alloy buckles
Image of Black and brown leather belts with black carbon fiber buckles sewn on.  Belts have no metal
The Traveler Belt Set by Nickel Smart -, genuine leather, made in the USA
Ultimate Belt Set by Nickel Smart. One sleek black belt, one distressed brown belt, titanium buckles
Women's Leather Belt Set - Ashe and Avery - by Nickel Smart. Nickel-free black and brown belts
Zero Metal Belt Set By Nickel Smart.  Black and Brown leather belts with carbon fiber buckles.