New Nickel Free Earrings!

Check out our latest nickel free earrings, new styles and colors are continually making an appearance!


Product type
Moon Goddess crescent shaped dichroic glass earrings showing pink, blue, purple and yellow. USA
Freshwater pearl earrings. Total of 4 pearls approximate 5mm wide, Length of earrings is 3.5 mm
Freshwater pearls in rough cross shapes.  Pearls are white in color. Approximate length 3.5 cm
Save $ 200
White freshwater pearls encased in geometric design. Dangle earring approx. length 1.5 inches.
Save $ 1008
Magnolia Freshwater Pearl Post Earrings. Nickel-free sterling silver butterfly backs.
White Freshwater Pearls with Nickel Free French Hooks. Dewberry Earrings. Made in USA
Save $ 1000
Freshwater pearls on black suede with French hooks. Pearl size: Approx. 10 mm Made in USA
Save $ 1000