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Carbon Fiber Belts - The Perfect Travel Accessory!

Posted on June 09, 2017 by Rita Arrup | 0 comments

Ready for some summer adventures? Be sure to add our carbon fiber belts and buckles to your packing list! Not only assured to provide an ultra-swank look, these belts will also have you passing through airport security metal detectors with ease.

The 100% carbon fiber buckle is completely metal free. That means this buckle has the even more important advantage of being completely safe for anyone with allergies to nickel and other metals. 

Enjoying traveling light? This carbon fiber belt is literally the answer! It is so lightweight you'll barely realize you're wearing a belt, plus the trendy style can take you anywhere you want to go! Now available with black or brown handcrafted full grain leather straps, this look is one you'll love long after you return from your travels. 

We know you're going to love this great new look, the added advantage of being metal free makes our carbon fiber belt collection irresistible. 





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