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SKU: 4102-Ti

Titanium Dress Brown Belt by Nickel Smart®

$ 8995 $ 11000
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Brown dress belts are surging in popularity, as the new "go-to" belt for all styles and colors. Our brown dress belt has added advantages! Made of one solid piece of top grain leather, it has been handcrafted in the USA and has a non-allergenic titanium buckle!

If nickel allergy or an allergy to other metals is causing concern, follow the advice of most allergists and dermatologists and buy titanium.

This brown titanium dress belt will provide the good looks you want and the allergy protection you require! 

This belt is also available in black. Black Titanium Dress Belt

    1. Certified Nickel Free™ - guaranteed to never test positive for nickel!
    2. Buckle dimensions: 2⅛ inches (54 mm) long x 1⅝ inches (41 mm) wide
    3. Buckle finish: Polished
    4. Buckle materials: Titanium, Certified Nickel Free
    5. Hypoallergenic
    6. Men's Titanium Buckle by Nickel Smart
    7. Strap color(s): Brown with black edging
    8. Strap width: 1⅜ inches (35 mm)
    9. Strap materials: Genuine Top Grain Leather
    10. Handmade in the USA