Square Wide Pin Buckle (1⅜") by Nickel Smart®

Belt size is missing.

Looking for a smaller nickel free buckle? This one should meet your needs!

Designed for belt straps between 1¼" - 1⅜ " in width (32 mm- 35 mm) and with smaller dimensions (except for the wide pin!). 

Note: The pin of this buckle is best suited for size 6 belt strap holes.  

    • Certified Nickel Free™ - guaranteed to never test positive for nickel!
    • Buckle fits 1¼"  to 1⅜  inches (32-35 mm) belt straps; wide pin best fits size 6 hole
    • Approximate Dimensions: 1⅝" x 2" (41 mm x  51 mm)
    • Finish: Pin is polished; buckle face is brushed finish
    • Materials: Zinc
    • Hypoallergenic 

    Buckle Material

    Zinc (Zn) is a very common element and can take many forms from metals to supplements. It is inexpensive, is often used as a base metal, and accepts various platings well.Characteristics: Zinc is softer than steel and is easily poured into molds or cast into various shapes. Its good corrosion resistance and low allergenicity make it an ideal choice for those with nickel allergy. 

    Our zinc buckles come with a thirty-day return period. If you are not fully satisfied, return the buckle during that time frame for a refund or exchange.


    Belt Size is missing