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What does Certified Nickel Free™ Mean?

Our products are batch-tested in our laboratory to assure there is no presence of nickel that could cause an allergic reaction.  Once the products have passed that test, they have earned our certification and our guarantee to be nickel free.  All of our products come with the Certified Nickel Free or Certified Nickel Safe™ guarantees.

We felt this certification process was a necessary step in securing the trust of our customers.  In our early history, we quickly learned that many manufacturers who tout their products to be "nickel-free" or "hypoallergenic" are simply offering a product that has been plated with a nickel free material.  Over time, these products wear and expose the underlying base metal which may contain nickel.  Nickel is pervasive, often alloyed with other metals due to its strength, durability, luster, and low cost.  

When you see "Certified Nickel Free" you are given our assurance that these products have been tested carefully to assure that the base metal along with any plating are truly nickel free and guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy reaction. Certified Nickel Safe products are typically made of stainless steel which may contain trace amounts of nickel but so tightly bound that these products are also guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash.

We are proud to have long been considered The Nickel Allergy Experts, and want to make sure our products will earn your trust.  For that reason, our goal to set the standard for nickel free products has been achieved. These certifications are our promise to you that you can depend upon products from Athena Allergy.

If you ever have a problem with our products, please contact us and we will work with you to make it right.

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