Tan Dress Belt by Nickel Smart®

 Nickel Smart Tan Dress Belt features clean classic lines, top grain leather, and quality workmanship.

A single stitch refines and accentuates the soft comfortable strap. This trim-to-fit belt makes sizing simple!  We include instructions with shipment and you can also view them on the third tab of this belt description.

The buckle is truly nickel-free. The finish and base metal are nickel-free and guaranteed never to test positive for nickel.

(Please Note: Maximum size is 44 inches for the Regular Trim-to-Fit strap and maximum 50" for the Extra Large Trim-to-Fit)).

This trim-to-fit belt is also available in black or brown!  See our Black Dress Belt, or  Brown Dress Belt by Nickel Smart!  We have these belts available in a versatile belt sets, too: Dress Black and Tan Combo&  Dress Black and Brown Combo


    1. Certified Nickel Free™ - guaranteed to never test positive for nickel!
    2. Buckle dimensions: 3 inches long x 1¾ inches wide x ⅝" height (with keeper) or 76 mm x 44 mm x 16 mm
    3. Buckle finish: Brushed satin
    4. Materials: Zinc, Certified Nickel Free
    5. Hypoallergenic
    6. Clamp Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart
    7. Strap color(s): Tan
    8. Strap width: 1⅜ inches (35 mm) NOTE: This strap has a maximum size of 44 inches (112 cm) for the Regular trim-to-fit strap and a maximum size of 50" (127 cm) for the Extra Large trim-to-fit
    9. Strap materials: Top Grain Leather; 100% leather
    10. This trim-to-fit belt strap is ideal if you are unsure of the size belt you need. Simply unclamp the strap, trim to the size that you need and reclamp the buckle. It really is that easy! Instructions are included and can be viewed on the sizing tab, or call if you need us to walk through it with you.
  • We guarantee this product's durability for six months of normal wear.
  • Trim to Fit

    How to trim your Nickel Free Nickel Smart Dress Belt

    To size your trim-to-fit belt, simply unclamp the buckle by lifting the tab (or lever) on the back side of the buckle. This will release the belt strap, allowing you to remove it from the clamp pin buckle. See illustration below:

     To determine the perfect size, we recommend watching our educational video on belt sizing.  If you are in a hurry and need to size the belt now, then measure your waist through your belt loops using a tape measure.  The resulting number of inches or centimeters* is your belt size.  From the middle hole of your new belt, measure out the number of inches or centimeters of your belt size.  This is the point where you will cut the belt.  If your belt size is 34 inches, there should be this length between the middle hole and the end of the belt where you will make your cut.  Mark the strap and double check your measurements before proceeding. 

    Use sharp scissors and cut through the belt strap at the marked spot.  

    Slide the clamp pin buckle onto the cut strap and press the tab firmly into the strap.  Once the buckle is clamped into place, your belt is ready to wear!   

    We are here to help!  Please let us know if you need additional assistance:  Info@AthenaAllergy.com or 704-947-1917.    

    *An inches to centimeters conversion chart can be found at the bottom of our Sizing Tips page.