Nickel Free Ring Sizing - how to measure for the perfect fit

Not sure what size nickel free ring you need?  No problem, just follow the simple steps below to determine your size:

  1. Cut a thin strip of paper - about the width of a ring
  2. Wrap the paper around the finger you need sized.  Make sure it is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.
  3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and then measure the distance with a ruler.
  • Size 5= 1 15/16 inches
  • Size 6= 2 1/16 inches
  • Size 7= 2 1/8 inches
  • Size 8= 2 1/4 inches
  • Size 9= 2 5/16 inches
  • Size 10= 2 7/16 inches
  • Size 11= 2 9/16 inches
  • Size 12= 2 5/8 inches


  • Measure your finger later in the day since your fingers may swell
  • There is no difference in men's and women's sizes 
  • If you are still unsure of your ring size, go to the jewelry counter at your local discount retailers to size your finger.

Right size promise:  We understand ring sizes are more than just a number.  Fit is personal and that's why our return policy is simple and hassle-free! In addition, you will not incur additional shipping charges from us for exchanges.  That's right, we will ship your exchange order promptly and at no additional cost.

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