May 07, 2019 1 min read

We're really excited about this new line of nickel free belts - trendy, fun, and versatile, these belts are ideal for summer styles.

This great selection of belts is not only Certified Nickel Free™ and guaranteed to never test positive for nickel, these belts are also really easy on your budget!  Our affordable belts make it super simple to change our your belts every day for more fashion fun in your life.

Starting with the big and bold - The Peacekeeper Belt by Nickel Zero has an oversized center bar buckle that takes center stage on any outfit! No more worries that those massive and stylish buckles will wreak havoc on your skin, this buckle is guaranteed to be nickel free. This belt will definitely notch up your outfit!

The Pathfinder Belt by Nickel Zero also features a big buckle on a casual brown strap! The possibilities are endless with this casual combination!  It's a fact that as temperatures rise so do incidences of nickel allergy rash. With these nickel free belts you can enjoy rash free comfort all summer long.


 Nickel Zero belts also include an incredibly versatile dress to dress-casual black belt. Slick City Belt by Nickel Zero is designed for professional attire but also looks and feels great with every day wear! 

  Another nickel free belt that is sure to fit in with your casual style is the Outback Black Belt by Nickel Zero. The rugged look and natural metal coloration adds to an outdoorsy, laid back style.


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